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A History of Excellence

Established in 1979, MidSouth has been manufacturing self adhesive labels and tags for more than 40 years.

Over the years, we’ve grown our business by providing labeling solutions for industries including building supplies, lumber, brick, door and window, and rebar industries. Today, we are the leading manufacturer of products for the lumber industry in the U.S. and our dedication to delivering solutions has made us a trusted partner to our customers.

From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to our dedicated team of experts, we are here to help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level. Our commitment to excellence and our focus on innovation has helped us stay ahead of the competition, and our customers continue to turn to us for all their tag and label needs.

Mission Statement

MidSouth Tag & Label is a leading producer of lumber tags, placards, bundle tags, labels, and other custom solutions, serving the lumber, brick, rebar, and adjacent building product industries. Its team of committed and seasoned employees has earned MidSouth a reputation for quality, responsiveness, and reliability from coast to coast.

Our Journey

  • 1979

    MidSouth Tag & Label started in a small building in north Birmingham to meet the label manufacturing needs of the food, packaging and grocery industries. With just 3 small flexographic presses, our focus was providing fast, quality custom labels to our customers. We also offered screen and offset printing.
  • 2005

    We saw a need and rose to the challenge. We developed specific processes and ink systems to innovate the lumber industry’s tags and labels. We developed two new ink systems to withstand the chemical treatment process and exposure to outdoor elements. We revolutionized the tooling system to provide 100% material extraction in slotted tag production, providing a major improvement in the operation of automatic taggers.
  • 2009

    Again, our customers came to us with a problem, and we created the solution. The MidSouth Tagger is a more affordable and user-friendly tagger. In 2014, we released the 1st generation of the MidSouth Tagger as a more affordable and user-friendly option. Three years later, we released the 3rd generation, earning the distinction of being “Rugged. Rapid. Reliable.”
  • 2016

    As part of our commitment to expanding operating capabilities, we made several changes. A few include the addition of a flexographic press for label and tag production, development of a dedicated supply chain, which allowed us to maintain a 30 day+ raw material inventory. We also increased business volume with the addition of a second shift. Finally, we added our Express Lane Program, allowing for a 7-day express turnaround on lumber tag production.
  • 2023

    MidSouth updated our look that reflected its core values and positioned it for continued growth into new industries. After 40 years as MidSouth Design, we became MidSouth Tag and Label with a new logo and color scheme. While admittedly an aesthetic change, the new look is representative of MidSouth as a steadfast and trustworthy partner within our field of expertise.
Our Products

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