Brick Tags

Your Bricks. Our Tags.

Brick tags must be as durable as the brick they are attached to. Our specialty inks formulated for outdoor use and high-tensile strength materials ensure our tags last even in the most challenging outdoor environments. Because durability is crucial, our tags are designed to preserve and protect print quality. Since we make over 1 billion tags each year, you can trust our product and our process.

Premium Material, Premium Product

Our brick tags and placards begin with a premium weight material and tensile strength that can withstand highway speeds without shredding or tearing. The fan-folded tags are also printed with specially formulated inks that withstand exposure to the elements. Our expertise provides you with a fix-it-and-forget-it solution.

Try It Out

To ensure the product works for you, let us run a box of tags that meet your specifications at no charge. Make sure it’s what you need before you place the first order.

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We offer features such as:

  • Specially formulated inks for additional color fastness in extreme weather conditions

  • Scratch and smudge resistant ribbons

  • Durable, tear-resistant material with a high tensile strength

  • Logos and copy in up to 7 ink colors

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