Case Study #1

Design Experience Makes for a Seamless Transition

A large, regional lumber company has a considerable lumber treatment operation with multiple plants extending across the U.S. They’ve been a MidSouth customer since 2007 and always sold to one of the big-box home improvement retailers and several small, independent home improvement chain stores. In 2022, they suddenly began getting business from an additional big-box home improvement retailer.  While the growth was ultimately a good thing, this customer knew they would need to change their tags to serve both customers.  They also knew this change could cause delays in a manufacturing process that had recently been deeply affected by supply chain issues. Facing this challenge and in need of newly formatted tags that would adhere to both big-box retailers design standards, the customer consulted MidSouth on the next steps. Because of our extensive experience in the treated lumber market, we were already familiar with tags design requirements and were able to share templates with our customer contact. New tags were quickly designed and the customer’s first order was shipped in February 2023.

Case Study #2

Express Lane Saves the Day

A national lumber company and MidSouth have worked together for over 15 years, building a trusted partnership. When this customer reached out with a holiday emergency, MidSouth mobilized. A phone call on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving essentially rang an alarm bell at MidSouth. The request? 1.2 million tags in three business days. This meant a huge shipment the week of Thanksgiving and all MidSouth hands on deck. Our Customer Service jumped into action and kept an anxious customer up to date throughout the process. Our Plant Manager made sure the job was woven into similar print jobs, avoiding delays for other customers. Two cases were sent overnight so the lumber mill didn’t come to a halt, and the rest of the tags were sent via freight. The customer’s purchasing team tracked the freight shipment and was able to continue production despite a potential delay over the holidays.

Case Study #3

A Custom Product Needs a Customized Solution

A leader in the rebar industry came to MidSouth in 2022 because they’d lost confidence in their tag vendor. The product they needed was sourced overseas and proved to be increasingly hard to acquire after the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation had deteriorated in recent months, pushing this rebar company to consider other options. Their frustrations were quickly put to rest after allowing MidSouth to address the situation. Because we specialize in tear-resistant materials and retain multiple suppliers, we were able to get the needed material in the requested quantities. We were also able to find a temporary solution until the shipment arrived, allowing the customer to feel as little of a delay as possible. Due to MidSouth’s efforts, this portion of the customer’s business increased to 100% and a successful new partnership was born.

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