Lumber Tags

Tags in all Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

Tags used on lumber need to be able to withstand the chemical treatment process of the wood, endure exposure to the outdoor elements while on the lumberyard, and stay intact during transportation. Durability is crucial, and our tags are designed to preserve and protect print quality. Since we make over 1 billion tags each year, you can trust our product and our process.

Customized Tag Solutions

We offer personalized end tags in perforated and slotted varieties, with slotted tags for automatic tagging devices including the MidSouth Tagger. In addition to the four standard slotted tag sizes, we offer a variety of custom tag perforation and size options for your big-box home improvement retail customers. With the capacity to run seven ink colors in a single production pass, your tags are unique to your business.

Try Before You Buy

We want you to be confident in our tags as we are. Tell us your tag specs and let us run a trial box for you. No cost, no obligation.

Trust Our Solutions

Our experience put to work for you:

  • Pigment-rich inks specifically designed for outdoor use.

  • Polypropylene-based material for durable tags.

  • In-house testing with a variety of chemicals to ensure our tags withstand the treatment process.

  • High tensile strength material so tags don’t tear or shred during transport.

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