Bundle & Kiln Tags

Completely Customizable

Bundle tags, pallet tags, unit tags. Whatever you call them, MidSouth has been making them for over 40 years. Because we specialize in this product, there is no such thing as ‘too customized’. In addition to standard tag sizes, we can produce tags that fit any specifications you need. We can add a notch, black bar, or perforation anywhere on a tag, and inks can be mixed on-site to fit any color combination of your choosing.

Because your tag is an extension of your business, we make it unique by adding your brand colors, logo, or slogan. There’s no such thing as ‘too customized’ at MidSouth.

Our Tags are Tough

Kiln tags must withstand extreme temperatures and outdoor elements. MidSouth’s tags are produced from premium performance material, and our thermal inks are formulated to last through the kiln’s high temperatures.

Custom Shapes

Our tags can be made in any shape or size with notches, bars, and perforations.  We also keep many commonly used dies in stock that can be used at no additional charge.

Custom Colors

Formulated inks are both highly pigmented and durable and are mixed onsite. We also offer super opaque inks for tags that need to outlast extreme weather conditions.

Thermal Printing & Ribbons

We can produce any custom die-cut tag rolls for use in your thermal transfer printer and make ribbon recommendations based on your substrate.

Trial Run

To ensure the product works for you, we’re happy to run a box of tags that meet your specifications at no charge. Make sure it’s what you need before you place the first order.

Try Free Tags

Here’s how it works:

  • Get in touch.

  • Tell us how you use your tags and what kind you need.

  • We’ll run a box for you, and we’ll even include the thermal printing ribbons.

  • Let us know when you’re ready to place your first order.

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