Express Lane

Rush Orders Happen. Rush Fees Shouldn’t.

Sometimes normal lead times aren’t fast enough. MidSouth’s Express Lane is there when you need products quickly and has a 100% on-time shipping rate. Orders ship in 7 business days or less, so your production doesn’t miss a beat. And you’ll never see a rush charge from us, which is just one more way we serve as a trusted partner.

No supply chain delays here

Get tags when you need them

We have a few ways of managing to ‘yes’ for our customers…

  • A 30+ day supply of key materials is always kept in stock.

  • Four dedicated production lines for tags and labels operating two shifts per day.

  • A commitment to on-time shipping. Our on-time shipping rate is 99.8% and our Express Lane on-time shipping rate is 100%.

Same Day Shipping

Finished Goods Inventory is even faster

Think of our facility as an extension of your warehouse by taking advantage of our Finished Goods Inventory program. Know your products are always available and we even offer same-day shipping.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get in touch.
  2. Let’s evaluate your product usage and we’ll recommend a min/max system.
  3. Let us notify you when stock runs low so your supply chain never slows down. 
  4. Have confidence in a trusted vendor that keeps track of your inventory for you.
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